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Jul 26, 2017

Immucor and Mohawk Medbuy Corporation Sign 10 Year Automation Agreement for CoLabs

NORCROSS, GA., July 26, 2017 – Immucor Inc., a global leader in transfusion and transplantation diagnostics, announces a partnership with CoLabs Laboratory Medicine Network. In a unified vision for a regional transfusion lab medicine model, this partnership is designed to drive innovation through reagents, scalable automation and data management solutions. The ultimate goal is to improve the overall patient experience and optimize efficiency, quality and performance across all CoLabs sites.

Today’s immunohematology labs are faced with many challenges while continuing to ensure patient safety:  increased workloads, fewer specialized technologists, and increased demands for faster turnaround times while improving efficiency and reducing costs. The challenge has been presented to do more with less while providing the best patient service and meeting regulatory requirements. The solution to address these challenges is a LEAN workflow using Immucor’s walk away, fully automated instruments combined with its ImmuLINK® data management system.

CoLabs will implement one NEO® instrument and one Echo® instrument at each of its two high volume labs, and one Echo® instrument at each of its other 11 sites. Additionally, ImmuLINK, the centralized data management solution, will connect all Immucor instruments at the 13 sites to allow a shared model of technical and professional expertise.

Immucor shares CoLabs vision for transfusion medicine across the region for a fully integrated, networked and sustainable system that utilizes state of the art technology and connectivity. David Langstaff, Executive Director of CoLabs states, “We are pleased to build a system together that will allow for a regional model of technical and professional expertise. By standardizing instruments and providing connectivity across all our sites, we will be bringing equal access to the latest technology for the benefits of our patients and laboratory staff across the region.”

Tony DiEmanuele, Mohawk Medbuy Corporation President and CEO states, “Our approach with hospitals is to support innovative, value-based procurement solutions. This opportunity with CoLabs demonstrates a means of supporting clinicians and providing an enhanced patient experience. This leading-edge approach helps to achieve the goal of adopting world class, state-of-the-art technology and connectivity through an integrated process with new generation equipment and savings opportunities to support lower operating costs across 13 laboratory sites.”

Dayle Tolfree, Commercial General Manager for Immucor Canada, states, “We are excited to partner with Mohawk Medbuy Corporation and CoLabs to demonstrate the value of our solution for patients, the laboratory staff and clinicians. Through standardization, centralized data management, best-in-class automation, and LEAN implementation, we are confident our solution will deliver now and for the years to come.”

Immucor’s innovative automation strategy provides scalable solutions to meet the needs of blood banks of all sizes. Immucor has continually invested in automation since 1998. The NEO, which is designed for laboratories with higher volume and/or complex testing needs, has the industry’s highest throughput. The Echo, which is designed for smaller volume laboratories, features a broad test menu, instant access and the industry’s fastest turnaround times. Both the NEO and the Echo improve transfusion medicine-related workflow productivity, safety and testing flexibility.

ImmuLINK has successfully implemented similar “hub and spoke” models across North America and Europe. Patient samples no longer have to leave a facility for additional testing. Specialized tests can be ordered and analyzed onsite with virtual review. Release and support from the reference hub sites can be completed at any time, thus improving efficiency and workflow, eliminating redundancy, and providing a standardized quality process for a cost effective solution throughout the blood bank.

Working with customers, Immucor’s team of LEAN-certified individuals incorporates LEAN Workflow Analysis throughout the implementation of its automation and on an ongoing basis to ensure that the full benefits of its solution are realized.

About CoLabs Laboratory Medicine Network

CoLabs is one of the largest Laboratory Medicine Networks in Canada that works collaboratively with 8 hospital organizations in the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN under a coordinated leadership model.  All hospitals are affiliated with McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences as an academic hospital, community teaching hospital or community placement agency. The CoLabs network performs over 12 million laboratory tests per year and is supported by approximately 1,300 employees, and 83 laboratory physicians and scientists.


About Mohawk Medbuy Corporation

Mohawk Medbuy Corporation optimizes delivery of high quality and best priced medical / surgical products and pharmaceuticals through its clinical engagement, end to end supply chain, back office, and data analytics services.   Additional services include Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management, Logistics, Accounts Payable services, Linen Services, Diagnostic Imaging Repository, Employee Assistance Program (working with LifeWorks) and Capital procurement (through a formal partnership with St. Joseph’s Health System, GPO).

About Immucor

Founded in 1982, Immucor is a global leader in transfusion and transplantation diagnostics that facilitate patient-donor compatibility. Our mission is to ensure that patients in need of blood, organs or stem cells get the right match that is safe, accessible and affordable. With the right match, we can transform a life together. For more information on Immucor, please visit our website at www.immucor.com.